We are engaged in research and development in electrical engineering

We enjoy inventing new things, right from the beginning. But we also can take over ongoing project and execute it to a successful end.

We are the right partner in the field of the research and development to turn to, if you need to invent something, that doesn’t exist yet and no one has invented yet. We invent and develop for private, commercial and our own purposes. That is the genesis of Codis, the remote diagnostic system or FlexiCube, device for collecting and analysing useful data.

How does our research and development process look like?

  1. We invent solutions that will really help our clients.
  2. We start the creating process with open and clear head.
  3. We are creative and not afraid of solutions outside the box.

How we have helped our clients

Measurement points on bike paths
January 2020
We have developed technology for counting pedestrians and cyclists including their movement direction. We installed it on the Brno cycle paths and present the results to the public on installed large screens and on the website of the Brno traffic information center. Here or here you can see the reportage of the project. Detection accuracy is approx. 95%. Here you can see the daylight detection and here the night detection.
The remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems development
Our own development
June 2014 - present
We control the development of the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems. Main goals of the developing the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems is information transfer from technological systems to ensure operability of the railway network, remote control of the systems from work stations, homogeneous displaying of all diagnosis informations and uniform way of provide service.
Development of devices and surveillance system of IoT
Our own development
October 2016 - present
We develop low-cost and low-power device to monitor and transfer selected informations, such as temperature and humidity measurements, motion detection, location informations (GPS), status informations (door open, window open, cover open etc.), flooding detection, tank level measurements, river level measurements, etc. Development of the surveillance web portal for IoT units.

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