We deliver and provide repair and maintenance service of the control and surveillance systems for road tunnels

We implemented our experiences with the remote diagnostic and transport telematics systems, we have gained working on solutions for railway industry, in road transport sector, in particular in road tunnels in towns and on highways.

We provide design works, production, delivery and bringing into operation of the tunnel technologies. We supply surveillance points, such as central dispatching stations and local control stations, with software and hardware. Including large displays for the dispatching stations. For executed projects we offer repair and maintenance services of the road tunnel devices.

What should you know about surveillance systems for road tunnels

  1. We have years of experience with delivery and service of the tunnel control devices.
  2. We will help you with specification, project, and complex delivery of the solution.
  3. We have qualified experts for tunnel devices service.

How we have helped our clients

I/42 Brno VMO Žabovřeská 1st stage, VD-ZDS/AD a 2nd stage VD-ZDS
November 2021
We prepared a project documentation of the construction in part: project of the Documentation required for a Building Permit of the control system of tramway tunnel and the road gallery for the construction of next part of the ring road in Brno. The documentation also included a proposal for the management of traffic in the tramway tunnel, including remote supervision from the dispatching center.
Road I/42 – Tunnel Husovice in Brno - part replacement of the technology
ČD - Telematika a.s.
August 2019
We carried out a complete replacement of the technology measuring air quality, wind speed, vehicle height and traffic intensity and also supplemented smoke detection in the Husovice tunnel in Brno. The delivery also included the integration of the ADR system into the tunnel control system, the central technical dispatching center of the Brno communications and the regional operational and information center of the FRS.
Repair and maintenance service of the technological equipment of the tunnels in Brno
ČD - Telematika a.s.
September 2015 - present
Repair and maintenance service of the technological and software equipment and of the construction and technical part of the road tunnels in build up area of city Brno.

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