We developed our own product FlexiCube, sensor data collection and analysis

The result of our research and development work is a hardware connected to client’s web portal to track and evaluate collected data. FlexiCube is low-cost device with an easy and user-friendly control system.

Low power device with battery power option is for indoor and outdoor use. Device consists of sensors, which can be customized to monitor specific indicators. Sensors can monitor location, detect motion, shocks and lean of the device, monitor ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, weather conditions) or for example monitor river and tank level.
We want to constantly improve the device and continue developing in the field of Internet of Things.

Key information about FlexiCube

  1. Universal configurable solution with possibility of connecting multiple sensors.
  2. Sensors’ control and setting in real time, monitoring of the reports of the measurement data via web interface FlexiPortal.
  3. Possibility of alerting according to user-defined scenarios via SMS or email.


FlexiCube NB

The device offers outstanding network coverage in a licensed band (provided by Vodafone in the Czech republic and T-mobile in Slovakia).

Data network: NarrowBand
Certification: CE a IP67 rating

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FlexiCube S

The device is using Sigfox one global 0G network to connect your physical world with the digital universe all around the world (Europe, USA, South America, Australia).

Data network: Sigfox
Certification: CE and Sigfox

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How we have helped our clients

FlexiCube solution for fire detection
Skanska a.s.
March 2019
We developed 20 units FlexiCube with fire detection for increase persons and assets security in construction modules at worksites.
FlexiCube solution for monitoring CO2 concentration and water level
E.ON Česká republika, s. r. o
November 2019
Client uses FlexiCube devices in 3 applications – water level monitoring, outdoor temperature monitoring and monitoring CO2 concentration at offices.
FlexiCube solution for monitoring location and usage construction machines
June 2019
We developed solution for monitoring location and usage of construction machines. Client uses 310 FlexiCube units in his rentals in the Czech Republic.

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