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We always operate on 100%, no matter if we install the remote diagnostic system Codis on next client work station, provide service of the road tunnels in Brno or monitor bicycle paths. See for yourself.

Measurement points on bike paths
January 2020
We have developed technology for counting pedestrians and cyclists including their movement direction. We installed it on the Brno cycle paths and present the results to the public on installed large screens and on the website of the Brno traffic information center. Here or here you can see the reportage of the project. Detection accuracy is approx. 95%. Here you can see the daylight detection and here the night detection.
FlexiCube solution for monitoring CO2 concentration and water level
E.ON Česká republika, s. r. o
November 2019
Client uses FlexiCube devices in 3 applications – water level monitoring, outdoor temperature monitoring and monitoring CO2 concentration at offices.
FlexiCube solution for monitoring location and usage construction machines
June 2019
We developed solution for monitoring location and usage of construction machines. Client uses 310 FlexiCube units in his rentals in the Czech Republic.
FlexiCube solution for fire detection
Skanska a.s.
March 2019
We developed 20 units FlexiCube with fire detection for increase persons and assets security in construction modules at worksites.
GOS system development
Our own development
September 2017 - present
We provide the development of a comprehensive tool for recording and supporting the solution of faults in heavy-current, communication and signalling devices operated on the railway network.
Development of devices and surveillance system of IoT
Our own development
October 2016 - present
We develop low-cost and low-power device to monitor and transfer selected informations, such as temperature and humidity measurements, motion detection, location informations (GPS), status informations (door open, window open, cover open etc.), flooding detection, tank level measurements, river level measurements, etc. Development of the surveillance web portal for IoT units.
Development of a device and a surveillance system for V2X system
Our own development
October 2015
We developed a device and a surveillance system for the communication of vehicles with transport infrastructure.
The remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems development
Our own development
June 2014 - present
We control the development of the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems. Main goals of the developing the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems is information transfer from technological systems to ensure operability of the railway network, remote control of the systems from work stations, homogeneous displaying of all diagnosis informations and uniform way of provide service.

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