We develop software applications on the different platforms

One of our fundamental activities is creating software solutions, that are a part of the most of our projects.

As a standard part of the software development contract we provide preliminary analysis, customer requirements analysis, solution design, and finally, the necessary tests to verify the complex functionality of the solution. We have a big scope of work, so such tasks as PLC and single chip processors programming, special SCADA solutions and large-scale database solutions on client-server level are not a problem for us.

How does our software development process look like?

  1. Our software runs through several-step control, so its implementation will not disturb your existing operations.
  2. We have a team of experienced developers, who design customized solutions.
  3. We use modern tools and background to achieve our goals.

How we have helped our clients

Reconstruction of the traffic control device Praha Smíchov - Hostivice
March 2019
We deployed the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems at five railway stations and two stops within the Prague-Smíchov - Hostivice track section, including two integration concentrators and provision of remote supervision of the infrastructure.
Rail track optimalization on route Český Těšín - Dětmarovice
OHL ŽS, a.s.
December 2019
We delivered and brought into operation the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems at within the Český Těšín - Dětmarovice track section, including five integration concentrators and supplementation of existing surveillance work stations at OŘ Ostrava.
Construction of the electrical preheating device at railway station Brno main station
OHL ŽS, a.s.
July 2020
We included system of electrical preheating device installed at railway station Brno main station with eighteen stands for train electrical heating connections.
Repair of the traffic control and communication device at railway station Nedvědice
AK signal Brno a.s.
December 2020
We brought into operation an island system of the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems within local control centre.
Rail track revitalization on route Okříšky - Zastávka u Brna
STRABAG Rail a.s.
July 2017
We connected seven stations and affiliate stops with the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems and for that purpose we delivered three integration concentrators and two fixed work stations. We have continued with the modification and supplementation of the integration server at dispatching centre Brno and supplementation of the client stations.
Reconstruction and modernization of the energy supply system in Ostrava Hospital, including bringing it into operation
OHL ŽS, a.s.
May 2015
"We implemented the remote monitoring system of LV and HV electric power distribution in the EGB1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 energy distribution areas, monitoring system of the power supply of important workplaces (power transmission) and supervisory workplaces at the central dispatching, operating staff and the main power station at the Hospital Ostrava area."

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