We handle projects from A do Z

Executing turnkey deliveries makes sense for us, so we are completely devoted to it.

Our experience and level of expertise are the best preconditions for our clients to entrust us with the entire project. Turnkey project execution means, that we design the project, develop solutions, produce the components, install them and we bring into operation the whole system and provide its service.

How does the turnkey project execution look like?

  1. The project does not end for us by handing it over, we stay in touch with the client.
  2. We optimize the solution to secure client’s satisfaction.
  3. We execute what we have originally designed. We take responsible for the whole project.

How we have helped our clients

Road I/42 – Tunnel Husovice in Brno - part replacement of the technology
ČD - Telematika a.s.
August 2019
We carried out a complete replacement of the technology measuring air quality, wind speed, vehicle height and traffic intensity and also supplemented smoke detection in the Husovice tunnel in Brno. The delivery also included the integration of the ADR system into the tunnel control system, the central technical dispatching center of the Brno communications and the regional operational and information center of the FRS.
Reconstruction of infrastructure Brno main station
Elektrizace železnic Praha a. s.
March 2020
We have added ten new control panels for the diagnostic data collection from the high-current and communication equipment at six railway stations in Brno. The delivery included client workstations and remote supervision from the Central dispatching centre in Přerov.
Rail track modernization and electrification on route Šakvice – Hustopeče u Brna
AŽD Praha s.r.o.
January 2024
We delivered and brought into operation the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems at railway staion Hustopeče u Brna within reconstruction of devices at railway station Šakvice. The delivery included remote suprevision from central dispatching centre at Přerov. Při modernizaci a elektrizaci trati Šakvice - Hustopeče u Brna jsem dodali a zprovoznili systém dálkového dohledu infrastrukturních zařízení ve stanici Hustopeče u Brna a zároveň byla provedena rekonstrukce stávajících zařízení ve stanici Šakvice. Součástí naší dodávky bylo zprovoznění dálkového dohledu této trati z CDP Přerov

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