We handle projects from A do Z

Executing turnkey deliveries makes sense for us, so we are completely devoted to it.

Our experience and level of expertise are the best preconditions for our clients to entrust us with the entire project. Turnkey project execution means, that we design the project, develop solutions, produce the components, install them and we bring into operation the whole system and provide its service.

How does the turnkey project execution look like?

  1. The project does not end for us by handing it over, we stay in touch with the client.
  2. We optimize the solution to secure client’s satisfaction.
  3. We execute what we have originally designed. We take responsible for the whole project.

How we have helped our clients

Rail-switch electrical heating reconstruction and supplementation on the railway station Roztoky u Prahy, Libčice n. Vltavou
Elektroline a.s.
March 2018
We provided the integration of the surveillance system of the heavy-current systems at the railway station Roztoky u Prahy and Libčice nad Vltavou with the remote diagnostic system of railway network technological systems, including delivery of the service client stations and supplementation of existing surveillance work stations.
Solutions for coating and drying for cores II
January 2017
For an automated line for the dipping and drying of pressed sand cores used in the production of more complex casts, we have continued supplying and installing the engine power distributor RM for powering and controlling individual drivers, DT control panel with PLC for controlling the entire automated line, sub-control cabinets and sensors, cabling connection.
Rental of a temporal control system with auxiliaries for special operational mode of the Pisarecký tunnel in Brno
January 2015
We created a project of a temporal control system. Part of the contract was production, deliver and implementation of the switchboards of a temporal control system of the Pisarecký tunnel and road interchange Hlinky. Next we connected with the system a surveillance work station of the local control station of the Pisarecký tunnel and road interchange Hlinky and surveillance work stations and large display at the central technical dispatching of the Transport Company of Brno.

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