We provide design works in electrical engineering

We offer all kinds of design works in electrical engineering, in particular focused on automatization and control systems of technological processes. Industry fields we operate in are railway and road constructions as well as energy and environmental engineering.

We have our own designers’ team so we can provide our clients in complex solutions, from specification’s analysis and design, trough drafting documentation required for building permit to preparing documentation of the performed project. We also offer project and technical supervision.

How does our design process look like?

  1. We deliver project design in good format and quality so next contractor can begin project implementation immediately.
  2. The designer’s work is always preceded by an analysis of the assignment prepared by our experts.
  3. We prepare project documentation as a part of the contract or as an independent service.

How we have helped our clients

Reconstruction of the traffic control device at railway station Bohumín
March 2018
We prepared a project documentation of the construction in part: project of the Documentation required for a Building Permit of the part “The remote control system of the railway infrastructure”.
I/42 Brno bypass road VMO Žabovřeská I. 2nd stage
June 2017
We delivered a project of the Documentation required for a Building Permit for the control system, measurement solution for the control system, local fiber optic cabel system for tunnel road and tram tunnel and project of the Documentation required for a Building Permit for the road and tram traffic management system.
Measurement points on bike paths in Brno - 1st stage
August 2016
We designed the project of the technological part of counting and measurement points on bike paths in Brno.

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