We have developed CODIS, surveillance and diagnostic system for railway infrastructure

We have designed the device, that transfer information from the technological systems and ensure the continued operability of the railway tracks. CODIS system allows for homogeneous displaying of all diagnostic information and control of the technological systems of single stations.

CODIS system can integrate such technologies as electrical fire alarm systems and security alarms, lightning of the railway stations and stops, rail-switch electrical heating, electrical pre-heating devices, automatic fire extinguishing systems, camera systems, information systems, radio systems, elevators or power consumption readout. The benefits of the system are time and cost savings during operation, diagnostic and failures of the railway technologies. CODIS system allows to efficiently solve the failure of the technologies under surveillance and to reduce the risks associated with the operation of railway systems.

What you should know about CODIS system

  1. System consists of four pairs of redundant integration servers in Prague, Přerov, Brno and Ostrava.
  2. It integrates over 150 railway stations and over 160 client work stations.
  3. It monitors over 800 000 data points in all stations and work stations.

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